About Us



Michael Yuzhou Fu

Michael is a junior attending Pace Academy. He first learned to play chess through after school programs in elementary school and hasn’t looked back since, achieving numerous awards along the way. Now, as a high school student, his goal is to share his love of chess with other scholastic students, leading him to co-found the Walton Chess Club and Scholarly Chess. Outside of chess, Michael enjoys playing table tennis, watching basketball, and participating in other school clubs.



Kamen Illiev

Kamen is a junior attending Walton High School in the International Spanish Academy program. He learned to play chess from his father at a young age and has been playing ever since. He has consistently improved since then, winning many tournaments including the state tournament one year. After playing for over ten years, he decided to devote his time to sharing his passion with others around his community. He also enjoys learning languages and playing soccer.


Tournament Director

Manav Ramprasad

Manav Ramprasad is a senior at Wheeler High School in the magnet program. Chess has been a part of Manav’s life since he started playing at 5. He has been ranked in the top 100 among his age in the country, and has won the Connecticut State Championship for 9th graders, taking 3rd among all high schoolers. Manav has accumulated thousands of dollars in prize money, and even won as much as $650 in a single tournament. Starting in high school, he coached younger kids at elementary schools, libraries and other youth groups in an effort to give young chess players the same experience he had growing up. Manav also plays basketball, plays the piano, and does competition math.



Mani Suresh

Mani is a junior attending Joseph Wheeler High School Magnet program. His passion for chess blossomed at a young age when he attended his chess club at his elementary school. During his childhood, he strived to improve his chess play by competing in tournaments and attending summer camps. As he won many tournaments, his goals have changed to promote chess in the community due to lack of popularity at his school to chess. While in High School, he started the chess club at Wheeler High School and soon helped co-found Scholarly Chess. In addition, Mani also enjoys playing baseball, watching basketball, and enjoying other school clubs.


Public Outreach Director

Vishruth Madhusudhan

Vishruth is currently a junior at Joseph Wheeler High School and is enrolled in the magnet program. He has been playing chess from when he was a part of Kids Chess in elementary school. Ever since then, he has continued to progress and won many trophies and awards. He is a part of Scholarly Chess because it has always been a goal to spread the interest of the wonderful game of chess to everybody in the world. He also plays varsity soccer for his high school and enjoys playing basketball, volunteering, and watching football.



FIDE Master

Liviu Cerbulenco

Liviu Cerbulenco is a chess FIDE Master, 2300+ Elo, hailing from the Republic of Moldova. He is the youngest absolute chess champion in the history of the Republic of Moldova, including a victory against a grandmaster 2600+ in a classical game in the Chess National Championship.  He currently provides chess lessons on his youtube channel Chess Lessons Worldwide.